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Educator's Gift Provides Income for Life

Educator's Gift Provides Income for Life
Lynne (Klein) Therriault '62 is giving back to Whittier College with charitable gift annuities.

For Lynne (Klein) Therriault '62, Whittier College has always been a special place. She studied political science, enjoyed small intimate classes, and knew everyone in her major. She credits her professors at Whittier with challenging her to think critically and explore how the world worked.

"Whittier helped me grow as a young adult and into adulthood by offering me a well-rounded education so that I could find my voice," says Lynne.

Following graduation, Lynne worked as a teacher and then as a school librarian at Pinole Valley High School in Contra Costa County for over 35 years. She took pride in creating a stimulating learning environment where students could work on assignments and do research.

When she retired, Lynne made securing her own financial future and doing something special for her alma mater her top two priorities. By setting up a charitable gift annuity (CGA) with Whittier, she was able to accomplish both goals. She set up her first CGA in 2015 and has since set up 14 more! The additional gifts will enable her to support even more Whittier students, and she will benefit financially from the income generated by these annuities.

"I had always given small amounts of money to the College, but I had hoped at some point to have the opportunity to do more," she says. "By setting up a CGA, I helped myself get a tax break and earn annual income at a high rate of return. I also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the funds will ultimately go to student scholarships. It's a win-win situation."

Lynne received a scholarship her first year at Whittier and worked in the public relations office all four years. She feels lucky to have been an upper class resident in the freshman dorms her last two years. "My family had limited means so financial assistance from the College was a great help to us."

Gifts of scholarships or other planned gifts help students who, like Lynne decades earlier, would not be able to attend Whittier without financial assistance. In return, donors get peace of mind knowing that they will receive guaranteed income every year for the rest of their lives.

Is a CGA Right for You?

To learn more about charitable gift annuities and all other planned giving options , please contact us.

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